Thursday, April 19, 2007

Flex 2 Developer Exam

The last few days have been good. First, my Flex/ActionScript posters arrived. Next, my Apollo Pocket Guide was delivered. Then yesterday, I passed the Flex 2 Developer Exam! Good week so far. :)

Funny thing about the posters, I am having trouble finding space on my office walls to put them. They are flipping huge!


Rob said...

That sounds cool. How much are they to take?


Pat Smitherman said...

The exam is $150.00. You can find out more at

sean said...


What book[s] did you study for the test with?



Pat Smitherman said...

Thanks Sean! I mainly used the Flex documentation and the "Adobe Flex 2 Training from the Source" book. Also, the Flex videos at are very good.

Rahul Mainkar said...

Congrats man how much time does it take to prepare for the test?

Rahul Mainkar said...

Congrats man..
How much time does it take to prepare for the exam?
also, did u refer sbooks like programmin flex 2, and programming action script 3.0

Pat Smitherman said...

Thanks Rahul, I scheduled my exam so that I had about a week to seriously study. I had been using Flex for a while, so this week was used to learning areas of Flex where I was not already comfortable. I read anything I could get my hands on about Flex, but I think you could pass with nothing but the Flex docs and the "Adobe Flex 2 Training from the Source" book. It is amazing how motivated you become once the exam is scheduled. :)

Anonymous said...

I took (and passed) the Flex 2 Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam April 24.

Minimum score 73% and I got a 77%.

I studied pretty hard for this exam, though I was weak on Flex Data Services. My strength in other areas saved me.

Section Name - Percent Correct
Flex Application User Interface (UI) Creation - 93% correct
Flex System Architecture and Design - 92% correct
Flex Application Programming Fundamentals - 75% correct
Interacting with Remote Data and Flex Applications - 46% correct

I thought the exam was tough! I had doubts I would pass, but I said a prayer at the end, maybe that helped.

yacoll said...

You wrote:

"Also, the Flex videos at are very good"

What exact courses did you mean? I can see 3 courses related to Flex 2 (Essential Training, Beyond the Basics, Advanced: Using Data Services) and one course related to AS?

Did you mean all of them?

Best regards!


Pat Smitherman said...

Hi Yacoll, yes I meant all of them. I use and for most of my research/training anymore. I still buy books as well, something about actually holding a book that you just can't get from a laptop...yet.

Anonymous said...

how much time does it take to prepare?

Many Thanks

Pat Smitherman said...

Well, that's hard to say. I had worked with Flex for awhile and felt pretty comfortable with it. I booked my exam a week in advanced and studied hard up to the test. If you study the "Training from the Source" book you should do ok.